Rose Chai

·    How did you become interested in Bottled Beverages?

o  After 5 years of operating and growing our retail stores, we wanted to introduce bottled versions of our most unique products. It really came from the need to reach people who may not be able to experience our beverages out of state. Eventually, we plan on expanding our operations however this was something we wanted to start doing now.

·    How did the company get its start?

o  Our company was originally founded in 2013 as a retail specialty coffee shop in New Jersey. Through five years of tests and trials, we finally made the decision to bottle our beverages.

·    Do you regularly consume your products?

o  One hundred thousand percent!

·    How are your bottled beverages best served?

o  They are best as is. You can take a cup of ice and pour our beverages in it as well.

·    How did you choose the name and what does it mean?

o  Our first store is underground, hence the name Hidden Grounds. We find joy in our customers being able to discover our store, so figured we would keep the same name since we’ve had it for a while.

·    What makes your beverages different than the rest?

o  We use all natural flavoring in our beverages. Additionally, we wanted to serve the freshest milk, instead of diluting it or even changing the science of producing milk. Our intention is to serve the most natural, freshest and unique flavors through these beverages.

·    Are there other products in the pipeline?

o  Absolutely! We currently have Saffron Chai in the pipeline with others to come.

·    Are you currently looking for funding/partnerships?

o  We are always open to having discussions about potential creative partnerships. We are currently expanding rapidly in California and we are looking to start expanding into NYC soon. Contact us if you want to chat!